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12 Signs The "Voice" Coaches Are Basically You And Your Siblings

There’s nothing like good ol’ sibling rivalry. Show them who’s got the best style with new looks inspired by The Voice at Kohl's!

1. It drives you nuts when they wear the same thing as you.

2. Or they'll just tease you mercilessly about your outfit.

3. In fact, they'll never miss an opportunity for a good joke.

4. You have to fight for your clothes like they're a part of you.

5. And you'll wear your entire closet before you give them something to "borrow."

6. Then, ironically, they'll have too much pride to wear your hand-me-downs.

7. But they won't listen to your fashion advice...

8. ...or appreciate your creative accessory choices.

9. But when you really need them, they're always there for you.

10. Because they would never want you to change.

11. At the end of the day, you're family.

12. And you're at your best when you're all together!

Images courtesy of NBC.

If the coaches can come together, you and your siblings can too. Check out Kohl's trendy styles for the whole family this season on The Voice!