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12 "Odd Mom Out” Quotes That’ll Help You Deal With Traffic

Being stuck in traffic with the kids got you yelling “holy fracking she-ite”? You don’t have to be the Odd Mom Out with the all-new Chrysler Pacifica. With features like Uconnect® Theater, you and your family will have a much smoother ride.

1. When traffic is so bad you consider relocating just to never commute again:

2. When you want to express how you really feel but the kids are in the car:

3. When you use the time spent waiting to think about all of your relationships:

4. Or the state of your children's education:

5. When you haven't moved in like 20 minutes and you start getting desperate:

6. And you start wondering if you should call someone for help:

7. When you look over at the car next to you and they seem fine:

8. What you keep telling yourself as it gets later and later:

9. When you're desperately trying to merge into the next lane:

10. When you think of all the things you could be doing instead of sitting in traffic:

11. When you're starving and passing by any restaurant has you like:

12. And when you finally get home:

All images courtesy of NBC Universal.

Any of these sound familiar? With features like Uconnect® Theater and Eight-Passenger Seating, you and your family's ride through traffic could be so much smoother. And for more Jill Weber quotes, check out the second season of Odd Mom Out every Monday on Bravo!