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19 Dogs That Probably Celebrated Too Hard On National Pet Day

Who knows what our dogs got up to on National Pet Day. For a closer look into our pets' lives, catch The Secret Life of Pets in theaters July 8.

Monday, April 11, was National Pet Day, a day when we all celebrate our favorite four-legged friends. But how do our dogs celebrate it? Judging by these post–Pet Day photos, things get a little crazy.

1. Pig promised himself he wouldn't overdo it, but National Pet Day is only once a year.

2. The last thing Barlow remembers is screaming something about grilled cheese sandwiches and running head-first into a screen door.

3. Rory's not sure who this chick is but sincerely hopes that she leaves before things get too awkward.

4. Bo doesn't know where, how, or why, but at some point last night, he lost his shoes.

5. As mortified as Portia was to discover that she'd accidentally slept in her roommate's bed, as of 1 p.m., she still hasn't moved.

6. No one is angrier than Knox about that 15x surge pricing on his ride home last night.

7. Koda can't believe you're even suggesting a trip to the farmers market right now.

8. Rigby doesn't want to talk about the entire pizza he ate last night.

9. Polo is the first dog to side-eye anyone who works from home the day after a holiday weekend, but yesterday was Pet Day, and he seriously needs this.

10. As much as she'd love to go back to sleep, Daisy has to feverishly untag all of the unflattering photos of herself from last night.

11. The night was officially over when Lou started running around the party yelling how much he "loved everyone."

12. Walter is perfecting the art of the post–National Pet Day exhausted selfie.

13. Bucky doesn't remember suggesting that the party go streaking, but there are definitely photos that prove it happened.

14. Dodger may have fudged his thoroughbred status to that cute bartender last night.

15. Desmond is deeply regretting booking such an early post–Pet Day flight.

16. Just because Ellie's eyes are closed doesn't mean she's not listening to you. Also, talk a little more softly please.

17. Starly doesn't even have to look at her phone to know that she texted her ex last night.

18. Ryan is canceling all of his plans, ordering takeout, and curling up on the couch with his one true love: television.

19. Despite repeatedly stating otherwise yesterday, Bella is so glad that National Pet Day is only one day a year.

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