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19 Dogs That Probably Celebrated Too Hard On National Pet Day

Who knows what our dogs got up to on National Pet Day. For a closer look into our pets' lives, catch The Secret Life of Pets in theaters July 8.

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Monday, April 11, was National Pet Day, a day when we all celebrate our favorite four-legged friends. But how do our dogs celebrate it? Judging by these post–Pet Day photos, things get a little crazy.

2. The last thing Barlow remembers is screaming something about grilled cheese sandwiches and running head-first into a screen door.

Instagram: @eileendanger

3. Rory's not sure who this chick is but sincerely hopes that she leaves before things get too awkward.

Instagram: @hellcatmaggie31

4. Bo doesn't know where, how, or why, but at some point last night, he lost his shoes.

Instagram: @bo_walter_kittylittereater

6. No one is angrier than Knox about that 15x surge pricing on his ride home last night.

Instagram: @kirksays

7. Koda can't believe you're even suggesting a trip to the farmers market right now.

Instagram: @kairose

9. Polo is the first dog to side-eye anyone who works from home the day after a holiday weekend, but yesterday was Pet Day, and he seriously needs this.

Instagram: @tinyjana

10. As much as she'd love to go back to sleep, Daisy has to feverishly untag all of the unflattering photos of herself from last night.

Instagram: @aecushing

15. Desmond is deeply regretting booking such an early post–Pet Day flight.

Instagram: @caseycline

16. Just because Ellie's eyes are closed doesn't mean she's not listening to you. Also, talk a little more softly please.

Instagram: @ellie_mae_p

18. Ryan is canceling all of his plans, ordering takeout, and curling up on the couch with his one true love: television.

Instagram: @pri_diddy

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