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10 Facts About The Kentucky Derby That Will Make You Say "Whoa"

Fun Facts is in the lead, with OMG Who Knew trailing by a neck!

1. The first Kentucky Derby ran in May 1875.

2. But now, an average of 150,000 people attend the Derby every year.

3. The giant, extravagant hats that are so common today didn't actually become commonplace until the 1960s.

4. The entry fee for the Kentucky Derby is $25,000.

5. Annnnd it costs another $25,000 if a horse is chosen to start (aka race) in the Derby.

6. Speaking of mint juleps, they have been the traditional drink of the Derby since the 1930s, and each year almost 120,000 are served throughout the weekend.

7. The purse for the race is a guaranteed $2 million, so, you know, it's worth the investment.

8. Especially given that the stud fees (or the money other horse owners will pay to breed their mares to a stallion) for Derby winners are almost double the entry fee.

9. A maximum of 20 horses can enter the Derby, and those 20 are chosen from...basically all the horses that have run in a given set of races that year.

10. The garland of roses presented to the winner is made up of more than 400 roses and is the source of the Derby's moniker the "Run for the Roses®."

But win or lose, all of the horses are pure and good.

Don’t miss the excitement of the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday at 2:30 ET on NBC!