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The 10 Most English Football Traditions Ever

Only the truest of footballers allowed. If you're going to be a Premier League fan, you better make sure you have what it takes. Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN. Every Match. Every Team. Every Week.

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1. Never showing up without your scarf.

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It's not just a scarf, it's an emblem that declares your allegiance to the rest of the world. There is no tradition more English than this.

2. Getting more excited about Boxing Day than Christmas.


Boxing Day is the day after Christmas during which you pretty much exclusively sit around and watch Premier League matches. This is how it's always been, and this is how it's always going to be.

3. Wearing the most ridiculous costume to matches, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.


For example, sometimes someone will show up to a match in a full suit of armor. The brave few who pull this off are not only clearly devoted to their team, but also very much in tune with their history. What better way is there to head into battle?

4. Eating extremely well before and during the match.

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You cannot expect to watch a match without first making sure you're properly nourished. This explains the existence of the delicious meat pies that you can find at most Premier League stadiums. In fact, these might actually be better than watching soccer in the first place.

5. Never showing up to a match thirsty (or cold, for that matter).

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Of course, the natural thing to do before, during, and after a game is to have a pint with your friends. But since the weather is typically cold and dreary during the season, you really can't go wrong with a hot cup of beef broth, known to the locals as "hot bovril."

6. Knowing all the chants, and being able to yell them with all your might.


Sure, other teams around the world try to be on this level, but no one can beat Premier League fans at this. Each team has their own unique chants, and all the fans for each team will yell them like there's no tomorrow.

7. Knowing the referees just as well as the players.


In fact, Premier League fans sometimes know their referees BETTER than the players themselves. Some referees have quite a few fans, because of their style, consistency, and general personality. Other referees, well, just aren't quite as favored.

8. Complaining about how not enough English talent is being developed.


Only 33% of the League are eligible for the national team. So fans love to complain about this, even though they KNOW that the League is only as good as it is due to its diverse talent.

9. Bringing up historic matches and victories when your team is currently struggling.

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Even though the Premier League has only been around since 1992, football in England has been a big deal since the 1800s. And the most stalwart fans will always be quick to bring up historic victories, particularly when their current team happens to be struggling.

10. Getting really pumped about the derby matches.


Sometimes when your team is no longer in the running for the League title, derby matches are the biggest thing that year. These are the historic rivalries among crosstown teams, such as the London Derbies, Merseyside Derby, Manchester Derby, and Tyne Wear Derby.

Premier League is back Aug. 16 on NBC & NBCSN.

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