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The 10 English Football Phrases You Should Be Using

In football, the words matter. Here are some phrases you should get used to before catching any games this season. Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN. Every Match. Every Team. Every Week.

1. "Lifting the silverware."

Manchester City / Via NBCSN

This is literally what happens when your team wins a major trophy. Everyone goes insane, and the winning team gets to "lift the silverware."

2. "Heads for an early bath."

West Ham United/Tottenham / Via NBCSN

This means you got ejected from the game. Might as well go clean up since there's nothing better to do, right?

3. "We've gone quiet."

Chelsea/Stoke City / Via NBCSN

You know those moments when you're just not on the same page as everyone else? Now imagine that happening to an entire team. No one's talking anymore, communication is down, and things are going very wrong. Even the fans are silent.

4. "Hit the woodwork!"

Arsenal/Chelsea / Via

This refers to a shot that ends up hitting the goalposts. Sometimes it goes in, sometimes it doesn't.

5. "Get stuck in."

Arsenal/Aston Villa / Via

If you've ever played defense, you know that you have to go in hard and take no prisoners if you want to do your job well. That's how you "get stuck in."

6. "Howler."

Arsenal/Southampton / Via NBCSN

As admirable as every goalkeeper is for risking life and limb to protect the goal, sometimes they really screw things up without any good excuse. When an error is this hopeless, it's known as a "howler."

7. "The Talisman"

Crystel Palace/Fulham / Via

You'll hear this a lot when a team has a star player, their "talisman," who they pretty much rely on to win games. Without the "talisman," winning becomes a lot more difficult.

8. "That was unlucky!"

Southampton/Tottenham / Via NBCSN

Every soccer announcer that ever lived has probably said this in a sigh of disappointment when a player fumbles something that they probably shouldn't have fumbled. Yeah, probably has less to do with luck, but that's just how they say it.

9. "Hair dryer treatment."

Sunderland/Southampton / Via NBCSN

When a coach gets angry, they give their players the "hair dryer treatment." You can guess what that means.

10. "Squeaky bum time."

Liverpool/Chelsea / Via NBCSN

This refers to that nerve-wracking period of time when a team is up by one, but there are still a few minutes left for the losing side to make a comeback. When fans get this nervous, they tend to move around uneasily in their seats, creating a squeaky sound.

Premier League is back Aug. 16 on NBC & NBCSN.

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