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10 Reasons The Premier League Is The Greatest League In The World

In this league, only the best can survive. Looking for world-class talent and competition? Look no further. Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN. Every Match. Every Team. Every Week.

1. First of all, 4.7 billion people can't be wrong.

2. The competition is the strongest in the world.

3. The BPL has more international talent than any other league.

4. The venues are breathtaking.

5. The culture of the BPL is rooted in history.

6. The defenders in this league make it extremely difficult for anyone to score.

7. Because of this, the goals are SPECTACULAR.

8. This league has some of the best managers in the world.

9. Each team has a unique playing style, making this league incredibly diverse.

10. The atmosphere at these matches is absolutely electric.

Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN.

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Every Match. Every Team. Every week.