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10 Reasons The Premier League Is The Greatest League In The World

In this league, only the best can survive. Looking for world-class talent and competition? Look no further. Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN. Every Match. Every Team. Every Week.

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2. The competition is the strongest in the world.

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Not to say that other leagues don't have high-quality players, but the fierceness of competition in the BPL simply cannot be matched. The gap between the leading teams is often much smaller than that of other leagues.

5. The culture of the BPL is rooted in history.


It's an inescapable fact that the English invented the modern game of football and exported their invention worldwide. Many "firsts" have been achieved in the English game, and the BPL is carrying on the traditions of the past.

6. The defenders in this league make it extremely difficult for anyone to score.


You want to see relentless tackles and textbook positioning? Look no further. Playing in the BPL means you have to get stuck in and take no prisoners, ever.

8. This league has some of the best managers in the world.

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The manager is the leader that guides the team, kind of like a coach but so much more. And with names like Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, it'll be pretty tough for any other league to match the BPL in stature.

9. Each team has a unique playing style, making this league incredibly diverse.


From the teams that like to rely on long balls, to the sides that rely on quick and speedy wingers, you'll find every style of football in the BPL.

Premier League is back on NBC & NBCSN.

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