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23 Of The Best Hats We Saw On Kentucky Derby Weekend

Derby hats: the definition of peacocking. Here are the fine and feathered best!

1. First and foremost, the winner of the Longines Fashion Contest this year:

2. This sugary sweet pink fascinator:

3. This enormous, beautiful flower:

4. And this beautiful bouquet:

5. This glorious feathered fascinator:

6. This freakin' awesome mohawk:

7. This glam little number:

8. These #aesthetic #goals besties:

9. This fluttery pair:

10. This incredible pink-and-blue hat:

11. This chic hat that's got a hint of teal:

12. This gorgeous fascinator, resplendent in warm browns:

13. And this blue(grass) beauty:

14. This dapper fellow:

15. This perfectly coordinated "run for the roses" hat + dress situation:

16. And speaking of roses, the bigger the rose, the closer to heaven:

17. Roses abound!

18. This colorful wheel:

19. Peep this fuschia sensation:

20. And this pink creation:

21. This glorious sprig of pom-poms:

22. This pastel perfection:

23. And this botanical bonanza:

Don’t miss the excitement of the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, May 6, at 2:30 ET on NBC!

Photography by Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed.