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11 Impressive Skills You Can Master In A Week

You can master some pretty impressive skills in a week — just like the six celebrities on I Can Do That. Watch it on NBC, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

1. Elementary lock picking:

This could make you look pretty much like a badass.

2. Juggling:

Maybe not chainsaws or torches per se, but your fruit throwing game will be strong as hellllll.

3. Amazing at-home manicures:

Get amazing nails WITHOUT the pressure to make awkward conversation. Win-win.

4. Some swing or salsa steps:

They're skills you won't need every day, but when the right occasion arises you will feel like a GOD.

5. Basic HTML:

You might be surprised at how often you'll use it.

6. Fishtail braiding:

By the end of the week you should end up with one you're actually willing to wear out of the house!

7. Making macarons:

Perfect this tricky skill, and you might find yourself with a lot of new friends.

8. Knitting:

RKO "Mr. Lucky" / Via

Figure this out, and you will be the ULTIMATE MASTER of the cheap-yet-thoughtful gift. **WIN**

9. Playing the basic chords on a guitar:

Now you can be that guy who brings a guitar to parties! (JK -- don't use your new powers for evil.)

10. A couple magic tricks:

A supremely useful skill when dealing with children or drunk people.

11. Ordering drinks in a handful of foreign languages:

BuzzFeed Creative / / / /

You will impress the hellllll out of dates at restaurants.

If the celebrities on I Can Do That can learn boss ball handling skills and insane archery tricks, you KNOW you can handle knitting. Watch it on NBC, Tuesdays at 10/9c.