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13 Ways Living With Your Parents Is Basically A Sitcom

Because life doesn't always go according to the cue cards. See what happens when the kids move back home in NBC's Crowded, Sundays at 9:30/8:30c.

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Whether you've moved back home or haven't moved out yet, living with your parents certainly isn't your ideal situation.

But it's not without its fair share of laughs and heartwarming moments. It's basically like a sitcom.

1. Your dad tells jokes like there's a laugh track.

2. Your mom, too. It's almost as if somebody's writing these comebacks for them.

3. Sometimes they say something so absurd you wish there'd be a live studio audience watching along with you.

*Looks directly at camera with a straight face and eyes that say, "Really, Mom?"*

4. You might see yourself as the main character. They treat you like you're one-dimensional...

5. ...always involving themselves in whatever you have going on.

6. "I didn't ask for your advice, Dad, but thanks, I guess." —you and every sitcom kid ever

7. But then, later in the season, you realize that they were absolutely right.

Sure you'll make mistakes, but every plot would be boring without them.

8. Your parents' friends, your grandparents, your strange but lovable next door neighbor = the guest stars of your life at home.

Might as well just leave the door unlocked, tbh.

9. Being around your parents 24/7 seems to just amplify the family craziness.

Same, Mom. Same.

10. Having a sweet moment with your S.O.? Your parents WILL interrupt it.

No privacy, no chill.

11. Yet you have absolutely no idea WTF they do when you're not around.

They're definitely smoking weed in the basement when you're not home.

12. And even though your plot lines get way too entwined sometimes...

13. the end of the episode (err, day), you recognize that you really do love them, and it's nice having them around.

And the audience goes, "awww."

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Empty nests are for the birds. Everyone's moving back home in NBC's new series Crowded. Check it out Sundays at 9:30/8:30c!

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