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19 Signs You're Actually A Kid At Heart

Because let's face it, you never really grew up. Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of About a Boy — Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC.

1. You still use the phrase "when I grow up," even though you're in your 30s.

2. You prefer chocolate milk to coffee.

3. You still wear pajamas...

4. ...FOOTIE pajamas.

5. Saturday morning means watching cartoons and eating cereal...

6. ...and you always eat the marshmallows first.

7. You use flower petals to figure out your love life.

8. Sometimes — SOMETIMES — the floor is still lava.

9. This is your favorite way to exercise.

10. You still love sleepovers!

11. Mostly for the pranks...

12. ...and the pillow fights.

13. You make room in your budget for toys.

14. You make room in your schedule for slides.

15. You still sleep with a stuffed animal...

16. ...mostly to protect you from the monster under your bed.

17. You get CRAZY excited for the holidays...

18. ...because you still kinda sorta (definitely) still believe in Santa Claus.

19. But not the Easter Bunny. That's just ridiculous.

To see someone who's definitely a kid at heart, check out this sneak peek of About a Boy — special premiere Saturday Feb. 22 after the Olympics, then airing Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC.

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