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Here’s How To Have A Productive Conversation About Money With Your Significant Other

A simple guide to a difficult conversation! You can do this, and Navy Federal Credit Union can help.

So, it’s time for you and your significant other to have The Talk — you know, the one about your savings, credit cards, dreams, anxieties, and everything else that comes with discussing money.

Let's start at the beginning: When should you and your S.O. have The Talk?

What does The Talk absolutely need to cover?

You should make a plan to talk about debt, too.

OK, so you paint your significant other a detailed portrait of your finances... Then what?

Obviously, you should talk about the future, but how far into the future?

If you're thinking about combining finances, take time to carefully consider the pros and cons.

And don't forget to talk about insurance!

If you and your S.O. get through all of that, you won't just have had The Talk, you will have crushed it!

Seriously, you two got this! And Navy Federal Credit Union has your back. As a member, you have access to a range of savings, checking, and loan options, plus access to a financial counselor.

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