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    20 hilarious celebrity pictures and moments!

    Get ready to laugh out loud after seeing these 20 memorable celeb moments

    1. Elon Musk

    2. Leonardo DiCaprio

    3. Hugh Jackman

    4. Will Smith

    5. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds

    6. Keanu Reeves

    7. Benedict Cumberbatch

    8. Tom Holland

    9. Justin Bieber

    10. Brad Pitt

    11. James Corden and Billie Eilish

    12. Cardi B

    13. Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga

    14. Harry Styles

    15. Nicki Minaj

    16. Tom Holland

    17. Beyoncé

    18. Jake Gyllenhaal

    19. Leonardo DiCaprio

    20. Quentin Tarantino