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11 Very Real Things You'll Know To Be True If You've Just Bought A Home

"A bed costs how much?!"

1. Realising how little you actually know about buying a home.

2. Feeling buried under all the strange mortgage jargon you encounter.

3. Going to view an amazing property only to realise the photos you saw online were either old or heavily altered.

4. Finally finding the house of your dreams...only to enter into a bidding war.

5. Seeing the cold, hard "zero" in your savings account after you've transferred over your deposit.

6. Racking up a bunch of extra costs that you never budgeted for.

7. Subtly trying to scope out the neighbours of your potential new home.

8. Moving into your new home, then realising you have barely any possessions.

9. Making the very unpleasant discovery of how much furniture costs.

my life rn is sitting in one of these and crying abt how expensive furniture is

You finally understand why your parents got so angry when you put your shoes on the sofa.

10. Having literally everyone in your life ask you for advice on buying a home.

11. Realising that even though you now own a home, you still don't feel like an adult.

Buying a house sounds like the cool thing to do until something major happens and you can’t call your landlord to fix it 😅

At least there's always the internet.

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