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    Rackspace Cloud Hosting Technology And Future Of Multi-Cloud Services

    Helps to achieve the maximum benefits from Modern Cloud solutions as per the client’s need.

    Benefits of Rackspace Cloud Hosting- Multi-Cloud Services

    Rackspace Cloud Hosting is a combination of cloud computing services and products. As per utility computing, the Rackspace Technology Company offers such services. Rackspace cloud hosting is a multi-cloud solution that helps businesses to work efficiently and faster. Rackspace multi-cloud offerings help with online security, internet optimization, data modernization, and enabling cloud-native environments.

    It offers online storage, virtual private servers, databases, load balancers, online backup, and monitoring, and many other services. The most popular solutions include files, API, security, use cases, and internet services. Most companies use Rackspace Cloud Hosting as it provides multi-online solutions to large, medium, and small organizations.

    Benefits of Rackspace Cloud Hosting

    * These solutions are comprehensive and they serve across industries
    * It caters to an organization with a huge transformation lifecycle
    * The application of Rackspace hosting services are across applications, security, and data
    * This technology is preferable as it helps to grow business and increases the technological efficiency of businesses
    * Rackspace web hosting solutions also help to create advantage with businesses
    * It increases the competence of business processes
    * These solutions are useful across the online services due to their flexibility
    * Rackspace solutions help the customers to increase the business efficiency and generate revenue streams

    The organizations that employ Rackspace do so in situations where they are hitting the cost barrier due to the cloud migration plan. Rackspace web hosting solutions provide the highest technical acumen with superior internet technologies. Multi-cloud solutions from Rackspace provide value to the market. A great feature of using their services is 24X7 support. They are the online computing services pioneer who delivers Multi-cloud solutions across applications and is useful for a variety of web hosting services.

    Services Provided by Rackspace

    Below we list all the services that are provided under Rackspace Cloud Hosting

    * Online Files – This is an online hosting service that includes unlimited online storage for media files including video files, backup, and user content. This is done based on utility computing. This service is quite similar to Amazon Simple Storage Service. It increases the efficiency of organizations on a large scale.

    * API – Apart from the services of the online control panel by Rackspace, another service that is accessed is API services. It is a client code that is open source and is available in C#, Python, PHP, and Java.

    * Security – As there are higher chances of redundancy while replicating data across zones of the data center, security is important. The API and Control panel are well shielded using SSL. The clients get safe delivery of these services which increases organizational efficiency. In the case of deleted data, the selected data is erased immediately.

    * Use cases – It is important to ensure use cases especially in case of data backup or data archiving. It serves images and videos that stream to the browser of the users. It serves the content over the delivery networks. The secondary static and web-accessible data are stored and it also helps in developing applications for data storage. This helps in storing fluctuating and higher data for reduced costs.

    * Cloud Servers - The service involves a cloud infrastructure that allows the users to organize many cloud servers immediately. It helps to create advanced architectures. These servers run on Linux-based instances. It supports various Linux distributions like CentOS, Arch, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, Debian, Gentoo, and Ubuntu.

    The efficient technology that is employed for Rackspace was purchased during the acquisition of Slicehost. These servers, formerly called ‘slices’, were cheaper and you could acquire them easily as compared to the traditional server. These are used to maintain the operating system. You do not need this solution stack for the Online Sites project.

    Difference between Online Servers and Online Sites

    There are some major differences between Online Servers and Online Sites. Such servers include full access and allow for higher customization. On the other hand, the Online Sites are not so flexible and need less maintenance. You get managed services online with support for functioning. They offer common applications including patching along with routine services.

    The infrastructure software and applications constitute the online tools. These are built in a way to run on the Rackspace cloud. There are several applications of such tools that include PHP stack, real-time internet servers, performance testing facilities, and application monitoring service.

    Former Rackspace Services<

    * Cloud Sites – This is a platform as a service contribution that is similar to the traditional web hosting services. These hosting services were built on horizontally scalable hardware infrastructure. It gives access to services with the allocation of storage, computing, and bandwidth resources. If the allocation gets exhausted then the next usage is based on utility computing. This allows for unlimited databases, sites, and email accounts. It also includes reseller options. The options including client billing and client support are also included in these services. Internet sites have been considered to be the quickest way to put the sites on the internet. It runs Linux or Windows applications across many servers.

    Compute Cycles – A compute cycle is equivalent to a server with a 2.8 GHz processor. It is a non-standard unit of measurement that reflects the CPU processing time. It includes I/O operations and pages that have database queries. This consumes a higher amount of compute cycles.

    Caveats to Cloud Sites

    There are some limitations and caveats to using internet sites services as mentioned below:

    *Such sites doesn’t support Java, ColdFusion, Tomcat, SSH, API access, and RDP
    * These sites doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange nor any server-side components
    * It can’t set up multiple top-level domains that will point to a similar web root directory
    * The .NET environment doesn’t support "full trust"
    * They announce that they can’t work directly with Microsoft
    * The community cannot engineer a system to accommodate full trust
    * This will result in security compromise, performance, and scalability for other users

    Rackspace Cloud Online Control Panel

    Rackspace Cloud Services has a custom-built online control panel. This gives users an option apart from the other control panel software for example cPanel. The Control panel has management interfaces that work for Online Servers, Sites, and Files. On the other hand, Multi-Cloud Services allow the users to accomplish multiple clients. The options in terms of products and plans are also higher. It provides higher databases and 24x7 support. Clients have access to a restricted version of the control panel. This allows them to conduct administrative tasks.

    The control panel is primarily used for the reporting or billing functions. It provides access to users in terms of support materials. The developer resources, knowledge base, live chats, and forums are all features of the Control Panel. Multi-Cloud services are a progression of managed cloud services. When managed cloud services are a route for helping customers to run to other clouds, multi-cloud provides better features.


    Rackspace Hosting is subtle, effective and it represents the distinction of rendering technology services. This helps to avoid the use of all-embracing internet solutions. Thus, Rackspace helps to achieve the maximum benefits from Modern Cloud solutions as per the client’s need.

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