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  • Owl Sounds Like A Horse Whinnying

    Eastern Screech Owl sitting on three eggs in a nest box gives a perfect imitation of a “Horse Whinny”. Loud and clear for minutes on end. If you listen closely you can hear the male outside make the classic “trilling” call.

  • Creepiest Spider Ever !

    Devil Spider? No, just a Marbled Orb Weaver Spider with a Beelzebub design on its back! The pumpkin head and orange, black and white legs with a huge pumpkin body make this the perfect Halloween-themed spider. But its really a gentle sweetheart!

  • Halloween Pumpkin Spider

    Orange Marbled Orb Weaver Spider - The perfect Halloween or Pumpkin Spider - it matures to a bright orange in October. Jack-O-Lantern head and eight big eyes - what’s not to love!

  • Chipmunk’s Challenge!

    A Chipmunk wants to put a six inch long corn cob in its burrow which is two inches wide. Never mind why it wants to do this, the question is - can it do it or will it throw a chipmunk profanity filled fit?

  • Cute Chipmunk “Steals A Kiss” From A Rabbit

    A Chipmunk eating bird seed near a Cottontail Rabbit inexplicably and very clearly “Steals a Kiss” from the Rabbit - plants one right between the eyes and runs away - leaving the stunned Rabbit to ponder - “what just happened” ?

  • The Cutest Baby Squirrels Ever

    Mother Red Squirrel has her hands full raising these precocious youngsters in a Screech Owl nest box. Just try and count how many little squirrels go in and out of the box! They are still totally dependent on Mom and this is their first morning really beginning to explore the world outside the nest box. Excuse them if they seem a bit excited!

  • Cute Spider Will Cure You Of Arachnophobia

    A porcelain Foo Dog, a happy face with rays of sunshine, a tiny alien creature? What does it look like to you? The design of this Spiny Orb Weaver Spider is supposed to scare away creatures that might eat it, but it just looks too cute to eat!

  • Bold Butterfly Dominates Hummingbirds!

    A Butterfly takes over a nectar feeder from a pair of hummingbirds and owns it! This is amazing behavior never before documented. Hummingbirds spend the day violently fighting each other for the rights to a feeder. Perhaps the incredible cheekiness of the butterfly has them confounded. They may be the smallest birds in the world, but they should remember they are indeed birds with sharp beaks and not let insects push them around.

  • Snake On A Phone!

    Title says it all - a large snake crawled onto and then under an office phone in Florida. Calling 911 was not an option! Snake was not harmed.

  • Peekaboo Baby Owl

    Two little Screech Owlets with entirely different outlooks on their new world. Can you imagine thought bubbles for each one?

  • Owl Blows Chunks “App”

    Use like an App to make a “statement” at appropriate times. Only 30 seconds long. Normally an owl will “regurgitate” a fully formed pellet as a normal part of their digestion before they can eat again. This little Eastern Screech Owl has got some issues to work out!

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