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Paid PostJun 7, 2018

How Much Do You Actually Know About Periods?

Do you actually know what is going on down there? Learn more about your cycle with Natural Cycles, the only CE certified contraceptive app.

  1. What is the
    average age
    to start having
    a period?


    12 is the average age to start a period.

    Yep, the average age to start your period is 12 years old. And the average age to head into menopause in the UK is 51 – so that is a grand total of 39 years spent prepping for visits from Aunty Flo.

  2. Which other animal
    goes through the menopause?


    Yep, killer whales also go through the menopause!

    As do the short finned pilot whale. Never have we related with them more. Menopause is the technical name for when a woman's periods stop and she is then unable to get pregnant naturally.

  3. Sperm can live for
    up to __ days inside
    your body.


    Sperm can live for up to five days inside your body!

    That's right: Sperm can live in your body for up to FIVE DAYS. So if you've had sex just before you start to ovulate, some determined swimmers may hang around for your egg to meet it.

  4. True or false:
    Bears really
    can smell when
    you are


    Nope, they can't smell the menstruation!

    There is no evidence that grizzly bears or black bears are overly attracted to menstrual odours more than any other odour, so science says you're safe to go hiking! BUT a study conducted by the University of Texas in Austin has found that men may be able to smell when a woman is at her most fertile! Weird.

  5. How long is the
    menstrual cycle?


    The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long!

    Yep, while the average is 28 days, it varies from woman to woman. Anything between 21 days to 40 days is still considered normal, so no need to worry if yours is a little longer or shorter than the average.

  6. True or false: You can
    get pregnant
    every day of your cycle.


    This one is false!

    Pregnancy only happens if sperm meets an egg – so it is only biologically possible through the ovulation process. Phew!

  7. True or false:
    A person's voice
    gets higher
    when they are


    This one is true!

    Bizarre, we know, but research has found that people who ovulate naturally use a number of cues in order to indicate fertility – one of these being vocal pitch. So if you find yourself screeching a lot, you may just be ovulating!

  8. What is the only contraceptive
    method that
    protects against the
    contraction of STIs?


    Condoms are the only way to prevent yourself from contracting an STI through penetrative sex.

    Yep, whether you love 'em or hate 'em, they're the only way to prevent yourself from catching something from your sexual partners. Wrap up!

  9. Which of these hasn't been recommended
    as a contraceptive
    method in the past?


    Yep, all of these bar alpaca hair has been recommended as a form of contraception before.

    In ancient Egypt, a paste made with crocodile poo and honey was thought to prevent pregnancy, while the Greek physician Soranus suggested that squatting and sneezing could also work. Perhaps the most bizarre method used in medieval Europe asked that women wore weasel testicles around their necks or thighs during intercourse.

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