15 Pets Who Are The Most Excited For Lunchtime

There comes a time in every young animal’s life when they realize the most important thing on the planet: lunch. Nothing else quite compares. Make sure your loved ones are eating a nutritious meal with Natural Balance Pet Treats.

1. “We heard those bits of food so graciously clink into our dishes all the way from the basement.”

“If anyone gets in our way, we WILL trample you!”

2. “Stay calm, Max. Stay calm.”


3. “Did someone say ‘free donuts in the conference room?!’”

“Sure wish I could just fly there. Oh, wait.”

4. “Oh. My. God. It’s turkey flavor! It’s turkey flavor! I just KNEW it!”

“Yikes, this rug is slippery. Someone should really look into fixing that.”

5. “Look cuter and sadder, guys. It’s the only way to ensure treats.”

“It worked! Someone’s just arrived with cupcakes!”

6. “Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and feed this goat cheese to myself.”

“I don’t neeeeeeeed opposable thumbs.”


“I can’t even form real THOUUUUUUUUUGHTS!”

8. “Um, I don’t think so. That’s mine.”

“Don’t you dare try to eat dessert in front me and not share, sir.”

9. “Hunger has taken over. I am a human-eater now.”

“And I must admit, your finger tastes divine.”

10. “I am ready for leftovers faster than you can SAY leftovers!”

“Gotta buckle up for safety too!”

11. “Mom??? Is that canned food I smell?”

“Canned food is my favorite reason for living!”

12. “This is how us sugar gliders travel to the dinner table.”

“Comin’ in hot!”

13. “Oh boy, this tastes good. Mmm, yes. I’m starting to lose all feeling in my body.”

“Oops. Now this is embarrassing.”

14. “I smell salmon!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Argggggh, this freshly washed floor is truly slowing my roll.”

15. “We have bologna sandwiches?!”

“The real question remains: Do I wake Charlotte up from her nap? Or keep the sandwiches to myself?”

To ensure your precious pet is always getting a healthy lunch, feed them Natural Balance Pet Treats.

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