20 Halloween-Inspired Pieces Worth Keeping Long After You’re Done Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is all about dressing up — but what if you want to get in the (ghostly!) spirit of the season without wearing a costume? Click through for a frighteningly chic selection that’s all wearable well beyond October 31st.

1. This elegant “Silver Drip” necklace, which will make folks worry you’re the victim of a robot homicide.


$191, via

2. This awesomely batty mini skirt.


$60, via

3. And this bitchin’ velvet take on a classic witch’s LBD.


$39, via

4. This delightful, intricately-woven “Basket Case” clutch. YOU’D BE A *zing* BASKET CASE NOT TO BUY IT!


$58, via (Also available in teal if pumpkin orange isn’t your color of choice.)

5. And some pumpkin-colored skinny jeans, too.


$35, via

6. A spooky shipwreck of sorts, and a lovely violet screenprint.


$29, via

7. Rose gold skull earrings.


$52, via

8. And/or these resin skull rings.


$24, via

9. A gold skull bangle, grinning kind of maniacally.


$49, via

10. And in other skulls, this skinny skull cuff.


$50, via

11. Granted, this is anatomically incorrect (and perhaps not a smart message either), but the Día de Muertos-style illustration is nice.


$29, via

12. OK, one more skull: as part of this Gothic, stackable ring set.


$24.90, via Express.

13. A blood red pleated cocktail dress. If anyone questions its Halloween suitability, explain that you’re Carrie post-pigs blood and just about to wreak telekinetic vengeance. That should shut them up*


$112, via

*and if it doesn’t, wreak said telekinetic vengeance on them, which will shut them up for sure. Because they will be dead.

14. This chic, Gothic chandelier-printed blouse. Who hasn’t wanted to go to a Halloween party dressed as a chandelier?


$290, via

15. These ax-shaped earrings that could well become an extra “murder” weapon for a sneaky Clue player to throw in the mix mid-game.

$70, via

16. A plain white tee (deliberately) ripped open to mimic the shape of your skeleton. Not one for tanning, but otherwise cute.


$18.68, via

17. And some more exposed bones, this being a “Lacy Ribcage” specifically.


$24, via

18. Cats. Always a must.


$40, via

19. This crystalline spider necklace.


$75, via

20. UGH spiders. Even bejeweled brooch ones are still a bit creepy.


Creepy…cool? Maybe. $11, via

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