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6 Styles Of Swimwear To Suit Any Body Type

The best place to be during the dog days of summer (and early fall!) is near water. But stripping down to your skivvies can be scary, so check out this guide to finding a swimsuit that suits your body and why.

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Wear this style if:

- You have a smaller bust to hip ratio

- You would like to emphasize your bust to make it appear larger

- You would like to slim hips

Why it works:

- Printed, embellished tops draw attention to the bust, balancing a larger bottom

- BONUS: Dark paneling on the sides of the bottom create the illusion of a smaller hip

Left: Forever 21 $14

Right: Victoria's Secret $29

Wear this style if:

- You want to create or accentuate an hourglass figure.

- You want to hide a tummy.

- You want to show less skin.

Why it works:

- Ruching at the waist of the suit on the left settles into the curve of your body, while distracting from any lumps and bumps.

- The colored panels in the suit on the right create curves and enhance a bust. Bonus — the high cut of this suit makes legs appear longer.

Left: J.Crew $118

Right: Forever 21 $21

Wear this style if:

- You need support in the bust

- OR You want to create the appearance of a larger bust

- You want to balance larger hips by drawing attention to bust

Why it works:

- The flounced style on top draws attention upward and away from hips.

- Fuller coverage offers more support. So it works for both small and larger busted women

- Printed and embellished styles distract from imperfections in the skin.

Left: Lauren Moffat for Madewell $198

Right: Victoria's Secret $29

Wear this style if:

- You have a larger bust to hip ratio

- You would like to distract from a larger bust and emphasize hips

- You want to draw attention to hips to balance your shape

Why it works:

- Prints always draw attention and add volume. So wearing prints where you want more attention, and solids where you want less is a great tool for balancing body shape.

Left: Victoria's Secret $18

Right: Victoria's Secret $19

Wear this style if:

- You have a larger upper body than lower, and want to emphasize your hips

- You would like to accentuate your waist

- You would like to lengthen legs

Why it works:

- Anything that sits at your natural waist will draw attention to the smallest part of your middle. However, it will also draw attention to the hips and pelvis area, so it's not great for hiding a tummy.

- Most of the attention will be drawn down, distracting from a larger bust and thus balancing your shape.

Left: J. Crew $54

Right: Urban Outfitters $62