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5 Very Real Reasons Why U.S. Websites Should Give Canadian Writers A Chance

We (Canadians) get it: U.S. websites look for writers who can work in an NYC office location. Or even further, an LA office location....

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1. While we wish we can just pick up and move to the land of the free, we're very happy living in the North.


Free health care, Tim Hortons, and Justin Trudeau make it really hard to leave.

2. We're all kinda scared of President Trump, anyway.


Who isn't? Why would we want to move with the risk of the president somehow implementing a ban on Canadians, too?

3. Ummmm, it's also really expensive to live in NYC or LA on a writer's salary.

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4. However, where we lack in in-office presence, we make up for in incredible work ethic.

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I, for one, will do anything to prove that hiring me was be the best thing you've ever done.

5. Lastly, with The Weeknd, Drake, and Ryan Gosling dominating headlines these days, who better to report than a fellow Canadian?


Seriously, who knows them better than we do?

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