Natalie McCay
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  • Miss “Beefy” America

    Apparently, the 2009 Miss America Pageant will be contested by “Amazonian gym buddies.” The last thing I would call these women is “beefy”…

  • Boston Hilton Wants YOU to Get Preggers

    Boston area Hiltons are promoting procreation by packaging the ultimate babymaking experience: $169 for a hotel room, romantic CD (including Barry White), champagne and chocolates, and a copy of “The Everything Getting Pregnant Book.” Let’s get it on.

  • Jocks in 3-D Glasses

    Last night marked the first ever broadcast of an NFL football game in 3D. Football’s elite gathered in theatres in Los Angeles, New York and Boston to watch the Chargers V. Raiders game. If I were lucky/prominent enough to be invited to this screening…I’d probably be luck/prominent enough to attend an actual game…at a stadium…minus the geeky glasses..

  • Monkey Pig

    I know this surfaced a while ago, but this sad, sad Monkey Pig has been haunting me…He just looks so…drooly…and sad. My morbid curiosity has overtaken me to the point when I almost want to swoop in and save Monkey Pig…and make him smile… View Image ›

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