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6 Bipartisan Budget Cuts You Won’t Believe Congress Refuses To Make

The government wastes a lot of money, most sane people agree… So National Taxpayers Union and U.S. PIRG created a cross-ideological report with over $500 billion in bipartisan recommendations to trim the federal budget. (Read the full report at or Here are 6 of the most hilariously unnecessary budget items that these two divergent groups found:

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3. $436 million to refurbish the M1-A Abrams Tank, which even the Army doesn’t think is necessary. / Via

The strange world of politics has Congress forcing the military into upgrades they don’t want. What’s next, updated tri-corner hats, a musket revival?

6. NASA’s Space Flight Awareness program spends $16 million on lavish events for private contractors. / Via

To make sure they are aware of space flight, you know, in case they just got out of a 60-year coma. Though a space party does sound fun.

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