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8 Buzzy Facts That Will Make You Look At Bees In A Whole New Way

Don't worry. Bee happy! Visit the National Honey Board to learn more about how you can help honey bees (and beekeepers!) in your area survive and thrive.

1. Did you know that one in every three bites of food we eat comes from "pollinator foods," plants that are cultivated by pollinating insects like honey bees?

Food on a table

2. There are 90 different crops that rely on bees and beekeepers each growing season.

a beekeeper tending to beehives in a field

3. On average, a beehive will produce about 55 pounds of surplus honey per year!

Honeycomb on a plate

4. The craft of beekeeping and harvesting honey has been perfected over thousands of years.

A honeycomb with bees crawling on it

5. There are over 300 unique varietals of honey available in the US! The color and flavor of honey can vary based on which plants the nectar was collected from.

Jars of different colored honey on a counter top

6. Scientists are researching the nutritional benefits of honey to raise awareness of its lesser-known properties.

Two beekeepers examine a beehive

7. Honey bees need our help!

Bees crawling around a beehive

8. There are some simple things you can do right now to help preserve and protect the honey bees in your ecosystem.

A family of beekeepers poses next to a beehive they care for

Visit the National Honey Board today and explore all the ways you can help preserve and protect our precious honey bees and the beekeepers who take care of them!