Frankenfoods? Debunking 13 Myths Behind GMOs

Opponents of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) continue to spook the public with false claims about the GMO industry.

Opponents of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) continue to wage their war on science, resorting to fear mongering and baseless accusations. Despite their well-funded and sophisticated operation, GMOs are not only safe, but are thriving due to technological innovation and widespread acceptance.

2. 1. This is what GMO activists want you to think about GMOs

3. Seriously?

GMOs are nutritionally identical to non-GMOs, except in cases when they provide greater nutritional value.

4. 2. This is what anti-GMO activists want you to think modern agriculture does to foods…

5. No.

GMOs are derived from plants grown by farmers large and small.

6. 3. With a growing population, will anti-GMO activists be able to feed the children of the future?

7. Wrong again.

Farmers will have to produce 70% more food on less land to meet a growing population that will surpass 9 billion people in 2050

8. 4. This is what anti-GMO activists want you to think the world’s food situation will be like by 2050.

9. You’ve got to be kidding me.

GMOs are no fad – humans have been modifying foods for thousands of years, dating back to the domestication of plants and animals in Mesopotamia.

10. 5. This is what GMO activists say that GMO foods will do to your body

11. Really?

Independent scientific organizations such as the National Academies of Science, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Health Organization among others have produced more than 600 scientific studies supporting the safety of biotech products and genetically modified foods.

12. 6. This is what GMO activists want you to believe that GMOs will do to you.

13. Say what?

Those same studies have found GMOs to be as safe as conventionally grown foods fit for human consumption.

14. 7. This is who you may think came up with the idea of GMO foods…

15. Survey Says…

Humans have been modifying plant genes for 10,000 years to develop foods that are nutritious and productive, such as cheese, bread, wine and beer. (source:

16. 8. This is what pop culture believes modern agriculture does to the environment…

17. …No.

GMOs dramatically reduce the use of environmentally-harmful pesticides, which in turn reduce the use of fossil fuel emissions needed to spread them. This also allows natural insect predators to thrive and spread.

18. 9. The anti-GMO activists say that non-GMO foods are not as good for you as GMO foods

19. Huh?

GMOs use time-tested scientific methods to positively alter food, oftentimes adding nutrition when otherwise not present.

20. 10. This is how anti-GMO activists want you to think GMOs are made:

21. I jus… I ca… No.

GMOs are a result of hard work from some of our world’s best and brightest minds – scientists.

22. 11. Some anti-GMO activists compare looking at GMO food labels to reading something foreign…

23. I don’t think so.

Food labels are among the most regulated information that consumers see on a daily basis. In addition to guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission, the federal Food and Drug Administration strictly controls what can and cannot be printed. The FDA approved nutritional guidelines have become a mainstay of consumer clarity.

24. 12. This is what anti-GMO activists want you to think a farm looks like

25. You’ve got to be kidding me.

While the nature of farming in the U.S. has undoubtedly evolved over time, this evolution coincided with the industrial revolution and continues through today’s technological evolution. Farmers – large or small – work hard to produce the food we eat and do so largely independently of any corporate involvement.

26. 13. Other option: Developing monster weeds and bugs

27. No thanks.

Fighting the benefits of GMOs represents a return to the past and will only hurt farmers and consumers.

28. We agree with Corey…

The war on science and GMOs is alive and well, but the facts are the facts. This age-old concept is safe and continues to benefit the world.

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