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11 Crazy Facts That Prove How Weird The Ocean Is

There's so much to be discovered! To see the ocean's wonderful weirdness up close, visit the National Aquarium.

1. It's SO DEEP.

2. This is a fish called the Longhorn Cowfish...and it has POISONOUS FLESH.

3. The longest mountain range in the world is underwater.

4. This is a shark.

5. The pressure at the bottom of the ocean is 1,000 times that of the pressure at the ocean's surface.

6. Some fish change sex.

7. Sea spiders are a thing.

8. Mantis shrimp are crazy strong and have super eyesight.

9. There are jellyfish longer than a basketball court.

10. Octopuses can look like whatever they want.

11. There’s still A LOT left to explore.

Get a closer look at all the ocean has to offer. Visit the National Aquarium!