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Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend?

Featuring the "Taste Buds" series by Philip Tseng.

Designer and illustrator Philip Tseng recently completed his adorable food pairs series, Taste Buds.

Philip Tseng / Via

He created the series for his first gallery show at iam8bit, where the theme was "duos."

Philip Tseng / Via

Now it's time to find out which of the food pairs best represents you and your best friend.

Would it be cereal and milk?

Philip Tseng / Via

Or maybe pizza and beer?

Philip Tseng / Via

Answer the questions below to get your result!

  1. Nathan W. Pyle / Via
  2. Nathan W. Pyle / Via
  3. Nathan W. Pyle / Via
  4. Nathan W. Pyle / Via

And you can see more of Philip's work at

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