10 Things That Happen When You Can't Put Down A Good Book

    Please do not disturb.

    1. You lose track of time. Day turns to night; you don't budge.

    2. The next day you're exhausted but still refuse to quit.

    3. You're late for work because your devotion has disrupted your morning routine.

    4. Then you miss your stop because it just got SO GOOD.

    5. But you can't put it down - the book has become a permanent appendage.

    6. Friends worry you are becoming a recluse.

    7. Household chores begin to fall by the wayside.

    8. And visible signs of your addiction start to appear.

    9. But nothing fazes you. Finishing the book becomes your full time job.

    10. And until then your loved ones will just have to understand.

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