How My Reddit Post Became A New York Times Best-Seller

    HINT: it's really all about my editor.

    You might have seen NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette somewhere on the internet.

    Well...what started as a simple idea in my head is now on this NYTimes Best Seller List

    Here's how it happened.

    It all started with a different Reddit post - an animated GIF I made featuring a little wooden mannequin.

    Based on the success of the GIF, I then decided to draw a series of 12 NYC cartoons.

    With this new series of 12 cartoons, I had a plan to make it "buyable."

    I posted to Reddit in March 2013 and my series of 12 GIFs hit the top spot on the front page. Over a million views.

    A few weeks after I had posted the 12 GIFs to Reddit, HarperCollins called me. (I had no agent.)

    Here are ten things my brilliant editor Cassie Jones taught me:

    1. Being funny/creative *on demand* is not easy. You just have to get started.

    2. Approach all readers with kindness.

    3. The funniest description of life is an accurate description.

    4. Surprise the first time readers and reward re-readers.

    5. *You* the first-time author should get out there and sell your own book.

    6. Self-promotion will require you to be assertive.

    7. But remember the dynamic factors of sales are unpredictable.

    8. Relax.

    9. There will be bad days.

    10. In time, you'll understand just how amazing this all was.

    My book debuted in the top 100 on Amazon!

    ...but it wasn't quite enough to make any NYT lists. Summer came and things got a bit more quiet.

    But then publicity for the book kicked up randomly in September because of Abby S. Marino's article on Distractify.

    At around the same time, the New York Times added new categories for best sellers.

    With the new bump of publicity and the new lists, my book became a best seller.

    And that's it! I don't think I could replicate this if I tried. Because the publishing world is chaotic and unpredictable.

    But whatever happened, I believe I took a God-given opportunity and did my best with it. If you have an idea today, I encourage you to get going with it.

    Because you never know who you might meet or what might happen when you team up.

    Paperback book is available here. Animated ebook is available through iTunes only.