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17 Things That Happen In Every Small Group Bible Study

The arc of a night at connect-community-life-group.

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7. This initiates an intense one on one seminary debate between two group members. The group leader panics internally as 80% of the group starts to check out mentally.


12. A third person tags on to the second's person point about that other part of the Bible and makes a new point that is pretty astute but it still ultimately doesn't answer the original question.

13. Someone who arrived late then shares something that was already said in the first ten minutes of discussion, but it's actually quite useful because it harkens back to a moment when the group was discussing this week's passage.


17. We pray and end, and we can't wait for next week because small groups may be hilariously messy, but we love this sloppy bunch of humans experiencing God's grace together.

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