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    27 Secret Rules All Successful Business People Follow

    According to stock photos.

    1. Always look out the window; this will make you appear deep in thought.

    2. Always ask for a turn holding the notebook.

    "It feels even better than I had imagined."

    3. Keep a box of tiny business people who can give you ideas.

    "May we have a sandwich?"

    "I'll give you a sandwich after you cut $40,000 from operating."

    "We need tiny pencils!"

    4. Remember all joy flows through Janice's shoulders. If you can't reach Janice's shoulders, touch someone who can.

    5. Always honor and adore Red, for she is our leader.

    6. When you hear the music, gather and start singing the company anthem.

    7. ♫ Red is our leader! She keeps us from all harm. ♫

    8. ♫ We pledge allegiance to her by grabbing both our arms. ♫

    9. ♫ Pledge every time you see her. It's not that hard to do. ♫

    10. ♫If you pledge correctly, she makes your dreams come true.♫

    11. ♫ I became a doctor! ♫

    12. ♫ I became the boss! ♫

    13. ♫ When I pledge allegiance, my coffee appears! ♫

    14. ♫ Just how I like it, thank you, Red! ♫

    15. ♫ Remember when she emailed, "No more chairs; sitting is weak." ♫

    16. ♫ We grabbed the chairs! ♫

    17. ♫ We burned the chairs! ♫

    18. ♫ Not only did our health improve; our productivity also peaked! ♫

    19. ♫ Should you have complaints, just tell Chris what you think! ♫

    20. ♫ Chris writes down all suggestions with the magic ink. ♫

    21. ♫ Do not be like Ted who did not heed this song. ♫

    22. ♫ He tried to wear her color, and he wasn't here for long. ♫

    23. ♫ "I thought maroon was safe to wear. But I was sadly wrong." ♫

    ♫ It's not okay, Ted. Only she can wear red. ♫

    24. ♫ For once she was just like us but rose above her station! ♫

    25. ♫ She still walks among us and hears our conversations. ♫

    26. ♫ That's why we salute her and everyday we praise her! ♫

    27. ♫ Our fearless boss, the One who wears the shining bright Red Blazer ♫