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    17 Emojis Everyone In India Desperately Needs

    I vote for Prime Minister Emodi.

    We recently asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Indian emojis should actually exist. Here are the awesome results.

    1. Rahul Gandhi

    2. Tandoori chicken

    3. The Taj Mahal

    4. Shah Rukh Khan in his signature pose

    5. Aiyo

    6. An auto rickshaw

    7. A dude doing bhangra

    8. A lady doing bhangra

    9. Cutting chai

    10. A disapproving aunty catchphrase

    11. This signature truck back

    12. Mehndi

    13. Prime Minister Modi

    14. Pani puri

    15. A peacock

    16. A stack of rupiyas

    17. And our national motto

    Thanks for your suggestions! *does bhangra via emoji*

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