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7 New York City Squirrels Share What They Learned In 2014

Live from Madison Square Park.

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I found this bird-watching book under a bench, so the kids and I are learning to recognize different types of birds by their beaks and colorful feathers. I'm trying to teach them that there's more to life than just finding and burying nuts.

I spent a lot less time in the tree this year. I made a ton of new friends down here. I guess I was less afraid of everyone in 2014. There's actually a Yorkie that I say hi to every day now. Never thought that was possible.

My dad was a proud squirrel, but he said, "Son, when someone drops a sandwich on the ground, you gotta go for it. If you don't, someone else will." And I think he's right.

I'm writing a screenplay called The Hawk. I realized this year that the hawk is kind of like a metaphor. One way or another, the hawk comes for everyone eventually. I guess you just gotta live life. Also I stopped drinking coffee.

I’m saving up to move out of this park. My friends say I’m a fool, that there is no other park, this is all there is. But I’m gonna prove them wrong. Next year is my year.

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