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    8 Lucky Charms Marshmallows We'd Like To See As Adults

    A modest proposal to the good folks at General Mills.

    You already know the Lucky Charms marshmallows: hearts, shooting stars, hourglasses, blue moons, Lucky's hat, rainbows, red balloons and horseshoes.

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    I think there are some lucky moments that they missed, so here are 8 new marshmallows I'd like to propose.

    1. A Fat Stack of Dollar Bills

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    What's luckier than reaching into your wallet/purse and actually finding some cash?

    2. A Vacant Taxi

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    You know when the taxi stops and the exiting passenger holds the door for you to get in? That's lucky.

    3. Mario Kart Blue Shell

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    When you're wayyyy behind and then you win the Mario Kart Lottery.

    4. An Open Parking Space

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    And it's really empty (no Mini Coopers or cart returns here!)

    5. Buy Two Rolls Get One Free Sushi Special

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    Tonight we feast like kings!

    6. An Open Gas Pump

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    When the needle is on E and you're already late, suddenly: deliverance.

    7. Pastrami Sandwich Delivered Hot

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    I don't know how, but the delivery guy seemed to know you needed this right now.

    8. Four Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits Stuck Together

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    Sometimes fate smiles on you, and you really have no choice but to take and eat the whole thing.

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