How To Train Your Cat To Be A Hero

Since this video surfaced yesterday, many cat owners are wondering how to train their cats to be heroes too. I will show you how.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

2. 1. Make your cat work hard for treats.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Remember to mix in both cardio and strength training.

3. 2. Change your cat’s name to something more aggressive.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Wadsworth is an honorable name, but look at the difference when you call your friend something heroic like, “Catniss.” This will send a message to your cat, “YOU ARE MEANT FOR GREAT AND HEROIC THINGS.”

4. 3. Show your cat inspirational movies where the undercat wins.

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You want to instill in your cat a sense that he / she can overcome amazing odds and maybe even affect the geopolitical landscape.

5. 4. Buy a trained falcon and make it your cat’s sparring partner.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Tap into your feline’s instinctual fearlessness and show that you believe he / she can be the best.

6. 5. Relay empowering messages to your cat every day.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Your cat is strong and able! Your cat can be a hero too!

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