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    Nov 7, 2014

    How To Make Friends As Told By Dogs At A Dog Park

    As Dale Carnegie said, to make friends you must act like a dog.


    Keep smiling. Now make eye contact. Eye contact is good.

    Don't be in a hurry. Friendship takes time.

    Remember everybody is nervous at first! It's not just you.

    Everyone feels pretty clumsy when they're making friends.

    Instead, assume a friendly stance.

    You be you. Don't be self-conscious about the way you walk.

    Don't worry about your hairstyle.

    Don't worry about the clothes your mom makes you wear.

    Friendship is not about athletic ability.

    Don't worry if you're weird. EVERYONE'S weird.

    And we were all nervous on that first day at a new school.

    But to make friends, you've got to think about yourself less.

    Friendship is about taking an interest in other people.

    Getting on their level.

    And remember you can't expect others to open up to you...

    ...unless you let them know you too. (It's a circle of trust.)

    Being vulnerable is not easy, but it's necessary for friendship.

    It may be uncomfortable at first.

    You might not be inclined to share.

    ...but sharing is the best way to make friends.

    Sharing a secret.

    Sharing a joke.

    Sharing good news with each other.

    Before you know it, you might actually enjoy sharing.

    So get out there and get going.

    You might just find someone as crazy as you.

    Nervously embracing each other, flaws and all.

    That's what friendship is all about.

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