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7 Experiences Which Expanded My Empathy

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Ian Maclaren

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From this point on: I caught a brief glimpse of how exhausting it is to have limited mobility. And now I am quicker to make room for those in wheelchairs to pass or turn around (in an elevator for instance.)

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From this point on: I could identify with the very unique helpless feeling that so many visitors have when facing a language barrier. My patience with the confused newcomers in my city increased.

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From this point on: I began to grasp just how heavily it weighs on hearts when you or a loved one is in and out of the hospital, and I had a much deeper appreciation for those who work in medicine.

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From that point on: I began to comprehend just how unique each person's struggle is. An issue that is debilitating to me might be very difficult for anyone else to understand.

But the lesson I learn over and over is to be careful not to minimize the pain of another person. Whatever happens in 2015, I hope to grow this part of my heart.

What experiences have expanded your empathy? Let me know in the comments below!