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    Easy Photoshop Tutorial: Making Your Baby A 900 Foot Giant

    Because you need to know this.

    Have you ever wanted to make it look like your baby is a 900 foot giant?

    Derek Devine / Nathan W. Pyle / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    (In this case, he's actually be several thousand feet tall, judging by the skyline.)

    It's easy! You can do it in Photoshop with two easy photos!

    1. Take a photo of your baby on his/her back like this.

    For best results, you want one foot higher than the other. (This will help sell the illusion.)

    Derek Devine / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    2. Take a photo of a distant skyline.

    ...or distant tree line.

    For best results, use a photo where the skyline takes up about this much of the frame.

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    3. "Place" photo #1 on top of photo #2 (creating a new layer)

    Derek Devine / Nathan Pyle / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    4. Use the "Quick Selection Tool" to start cleaning up the background.

    Nathan W. Pyle / Derek Devine / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    5. Use the "Erase" tool to clean up and make part of the bottom foot disappear in the skyline.

    Derek Devine / Nathan W. Pyle / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    6. Adjust the hue/saturation of the baby to match the background. You're done!

    Derek Devine / Nathan W. Pyle / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    And adjust the brightness/contrast of the baby if the scene is brighter.

    Derek Devine / Nathan W. Pyle / Via Instagram: @devinederek

    Remember - the higher the foot, the greater the illusion of city-stomping action.

    Sarah Pyle Cafaro / Via Instagram: @nathanwpyle

    This is my nephew Roman, son of Sarah and Anthony.

    Here are two background photos with which you can work!

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via
    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

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