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7 Scientific Reasons The End Pieces Are The Best Parts Of The Loaf

Give me your heel pieces. I will eat them.

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1. As with any long object, such as a week or a snake, the two end sections of the loaf are naturally more unique/interesting based on scarcity alone.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

2. Aqueous sandwich contents easily soak through a soft interior slice but the heel stays strong, keeping the exterior dry.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

3. In a typical sandwich, crust ratio and bite quality varies wildly, but with the heel piece, the sandwich experience is consistent.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

4. In the final stages of consumption, the structural integrity of a typical sandwich fails, but the superior heel piece keeps the sandwich intact.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

5. With distinct dorsal and ventral sides, a heel piece sandwich can be distinctly flipped, ideal for grilled cheese or games of chance. Not so with the typical interior piece sandwich.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

6. The heel piece's versatile structure is ideal for folding to create a single piece sandwich, while the soft interior piece fails dramatically.

Nathan W. Pyle for BuzzFeed

7. Since the heel is statistically less popular than the interior pieces, acquiring a taste for it and publicizing said taste will increase likelihood that people will give you free bread they do not want.

Nathan W. Pyle

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