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    7 Crucial Photo Strategies Everyone With A Big Head Should Know

    For all of us with massive noggins.

    Over the years, I've made some critical errors when posing my giant head for a photo.

    Here are seven crucial posing strategies for those of us with massive heads.

    1. DO casually slide behind the other person when posing for a "side by side" shot.

    2. DON'T lean into the foreground of a photo that is being taken at an angle (such as at a restaurant table.)

    3. DO make strategic use of any nearby props.

    4. DON'T be the photographer of a group selfie with your giant head in the foreground like a sun and its tiny orbiting planets.

    5. DO use the power of foreshortening by sliiiiightly tilting your head forward and to the side, to keep your noggins in the same head-size zone.

    6. DON'T do that funny thing where you act like you're eating someone else because it will look startlingly possible.

    7. DO use your giant brain to strategically place yourself in the center of every photo - remember there is no better centerpiece for a portrait than your glorious big head.

    Thumbnail photo credit: Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed