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27 Of The Worst Things About Going To Stock Photo University

Why are we always sitting on the stairs?

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21. You've got to escape. You're now running away from the campus, looking for a taxi to the airport, when you hear voices shouting, "HEY, where are you going?" You look back and see this.

23. Your flight lands. You sprint from the terminal. Your heart is pounding. "JUST TAKE ME HOME," you gasp, as you catch your breath. The taxi driver smiles and does this.

24. You're finally home. You run inside and shut the door behind you. "Hey, we're out here!" you hear your mom shout from the back patio. You breathe a sigh of relief.

26. "We're so glad you're home," they say. "Me too," you sigh. "You'd never believe what kind of day I've had." "Oh, I bet we would," your mom replies.

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