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15 Most Inspiring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Of 2015

Warning: this might make you crave grilled cheese.

1. This monumental cascade of melted goodness.

2. This magnificently overloaded oozefest.

3. This structurally unsound feast.

4. This flawless model of the classic "cheese bridge."

5. This overflowing bounty of fromage.

6. This decadently sloppy stack of edible perfection.

7. This lavish culinary masterpiece.

8. This breathtaking waterfall of cheese.

9. This perfectly toasted work of art.

10. This mess of bread and oozing cheese.

11. This warm and gooey creation.

12. This cheese and peanut butter stairway.

13. This textbook example of the ideal grilled cheese serving size.

14. This perfectly congealed pool of melted cheese.

15. This satisfying ooze of melted cheese.

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