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11 Reasons To Love Big Ten Football

Here's to the fans who know how to stay warm.

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Nathan W. Pyle / Via

1. Big Ten fans understand football is meant to be played in crisp air, and the walk to the stadium should look just like this shot from Indiana University.

iubloomington/ / Via Instagram: @iubloomington

2. Fortunately Big Ten fans know the best ways to stay warm. Particularly in the frigid night games in Madison, Wisconsin.

uwmadison/ / Via Instagram: @uwmadison

3. Cold weather just gives you more opportunities to wear team gear, as this Purdue Boilermakers fan shows.

klynnbacon/ / Via Instagram: @klynnbacon

4. The University of Michigan Wolverines also know how to dress for the weather, and their maize and blue threads were declared victor of ESPN's "Best Uniform Bracket."

uofmichigan / Via Instagram: @uofmichigan

Not to be outdone, Nebraska's vaunted Black Shirts are a legendary tradition in Lincoln.

nathangerry/ / Via Instagram: @nathangerry

As is the "Scarlet Walk" before a game at Rutgers University.

rfootball/ / Via Instagram: @rfootball

5. And nothing keeps you warm like a barn-burning rivalry. The University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin have squared off 124 times for a chance to raise Paul Bunyan's Axe in victory.

gophersports/ / Via Instagram: @gophersports

6. On a cold day in Columbus, you have to keep moving. The mind-bending physics of The Ohio State University Marching Band's tribute shows are clearly the best in the land.

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The Ohio State University / Via

7. As are the incredible card stunts at Kinnick Stadium put on by the fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

hawkeyefootball/ / Via Instagram: @hawkeyefootball

Or the massive state flag displays at the University of Maryland.

marylandpride/ / Via Instagram: @marylandpride

8. Is it cold outside? The folks at Penn State University don't mind, they're making ice cream. Before watching a game in Happy Valley, you can try the newest flavor at the College of Agricultural Science's famous creamery.

pennstate/ / Via Instagram: @pennstate

9. There is no fear of the cold in the Big Ten. After playing football at the University of Illinois, Mike Hopkins went to an even colder place — OUTER SPACE.

illinois1867/ / Via Instagram: @illinois1867

10. See, no matter how cold it gets in East Lansing, Big Ten football keeps your adrenaline pumping. As the Michigan State Spartans men's basketball team saw yesterday.

msu_spartans/ / Via Instagram: @msu_spartans

11. And that's just one of a million reasons Big Ten alumni pride is so strong. Just ask Northwestern University alum Stephen Colbert.

northwesternu/ / Via Instagram: @northwesternu

So here's to you, Big Ten football. Thank you for keeping us warm.

msu_spartans/ / Via Instagram: @msu_spartans

Best of luck to the Buckeyes in the title game.

theohiostatefootball/ / Via Instagram: @theohiostatefootball

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