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10 Steps To Pretending To Have A Conversation At A Loud Party

Wow yeah totally know what you mean.

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Should that effort fail, brace yourself - here is a brief guide to getting through the futile ordeal as quickly and painlessly as possible.


3) Make quick eye contact. Make sure the person is still there, is still trying to talk to you. If yes, I have bad news: you’re now in a conversation and will be expected to contribute soon.


7) General observation. At this point just say something vague-but-true. This is your way of offering a valid point to consider and will probably be relevant to whatever good/bad/neutral news is being discussed.

8) Overall shock. Just assume the best part of the story is here at the end, and even if this is not the end of the story, act like it is the best part and hopefully it will end because you are so sufficiently impressed.

9) Ambiguously concerned face. As the other person finishes their story, make this wavy mouth face. It’s your way of saying “wow, I'm not happy or sad, just give me a second, that was a lot to take in.”

10) Create plausible deniability. End the conversation with a indirect request for a do-over. Just in case you just accidentally committed to something with an errant nod, this will allow you a way to escape said commitment.