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15 Very Real Struggles Of Working Out In Melbourne As A Gay Man

When all else fails, do a burpee and listen to Beyonce.

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1. When you fail to get the attention of that hot guy running along The Tan.

"I see you. Why do you not see me?"

2. When you have to schedule extra hours training at your local gym to get hot enough to join Virgin Active Bourke Street.

“str8 acting, discreet, masc only pls."

5. When you find out Richard Branson has opened a multi-million dollar gym on Collins Street - after you've just joined Fitness First.

Bravo TV

It just hurts so much that you can't put "Virgin Active" in your Grindr bio tbh.

10. When nobody believes that you're actually going to the gym, when you're on Swanston Street in activewear.

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