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15 Places Every Book Lover In Melbourne Needs To Know About

Because, well, books.

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1. Paperback Books, Melbourne CBD / Via @danielrodenz

Giving visitors an unforgettable, incredibly ~intimate~ experience, oft-forgotten Paperback Books is the kind of book haven people travel the world to visit – and never forget. The literal physical closeness you feel to all the books inside the store’s small space is wonderfully intoxicating - in the best way possible.

2. Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller, Melbourne CBD / Via @itsmeshannagh

For those with a penchant for the old-world charm of antique books, Kay Craddock is the spot for you. Their antique books stretch as far back as to the 1400s and range in price from the tens to the thousands of dollars.

3. The Little Bookroom, various locations / Via @little_bookroom

Since it opened in 1960, The Little Bookroom has given book lovers of all ages the best children’s books around. Although their main store is based in Carlton North, they have opened a small intimate shop in Degraves, right in the heart of Melbourne's iconic Parisian coffee district.

4. Hares & Hyenas, Fitzroy / Via @chrismbr

Hares & Hyenas is one of the best LGBT bookshops you'll ever visit. Buried in the heartland of Melbourne's queer and artsy suburb of Fitzroy, Hares & Hyenas is a hub for Melbourne's queer art scene. The bookshop hosts regular musical, cabaret, and dance performances throughout the calendar year.

5. All Star Comics, Melbourne CBD / Via @ascmelbourne

Whether it's the sight of an IRL superhero or the thrill of a colourful spread of comic characters battling it out across the comic strips, All Star Comics has what you're looking for. No comic shop is as relied-upon as All Star and it boasts an impressive range of not only comics but also comic-related books and paraphernalia.

6. Readings, Carlton / Via @readingsbooks

Readings Carlton is an icon of Melbourne's literary scene. It plays host to regular book clubs, book launches, and author talks. The Readings chain is spread across many of Melbourne's inner-city suburbs but the flagship store is nestled in the heart of Carlton's busy Lygon Street precinct. It boasts a magnificent array of books, films and CDs, and has some amazing old-school library ladders across its bookshelves.

7. The State Library of Victoria, Melbourne CBD / Via @longboardlunatix

The State Library of Victoria has been a hub of study, scholarship, and research (aka procrastination) for eons. With its beautiful Art Deco interior and countless shelves dedicated to the tomes of Australian law and history, the Library is a real literary landmark of Melbourne.

8. Hill of Content, Melbourne CBD / Via @hillofcontent

Hill of Content is definitely one for the more sophisticated reader. The popular bookshop is in the centre of the city and stocks some of the best American lit mags. It also stocks a damn impressive range of art and photography books. The bookshop exudes an old world charm, with its old-school quarterly print catalogue, and tan leather chairs for some chill reading time.

9. Collected Works, Melbourne CBD / Via @irisyeungwow

Collected Works is as unpretentious as bookstores in Melbourne get. With its extensive catalogue of hard-to-find and rare poetry books, Collected Works has remained a popular spot for Melbourne's many writers and readers to come and stop in for tea, a quick chat and a cheeky browse.

10. The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne CBD / Via @silvercircle4

Since its launch in 2010, the Wheeler Centre has become a favourite of Melbourne's writing and reading community. With its stimulating year-long calendar of author talks, discussion panels, and workshops, the Wheeler Centre remains the number one spot for those with a passion for reading and words.

11. Books For Cooks, Melbourne CBD / Via @thewanderlustgene

For the culinary-inclined, Books For Cooks is Australia’s only shop specialising in all books food and wine. Books For Cooks is an independently-owned and run bookstore right next to the famous Queen Victoria Market. The Market is a haven for fresh food and produce and only a hop, skip, and a jump from the the bookstore.

12. Metropolis, Melbourne CBD / Via @mg_amy

Hidden inside one of the city's most well-known buildings for bars and boozing, Metropolis Bookshop is the city's best spots for graphic design, and modern and contemporary art books. The collection is a truly unrivaled one in the city and is a popular attraction for design students and creative readers.

13. Embiggen Books, Melbourne CBD / Via @embiggenbooks

A cute recent addition to Melbourne's book circuit, Embiggens is for the science-minded reader. The bookshop devotes shelves upon shelves to science, natural history, and philosophy with books that are not stocked in other stores in the city. With the high timber bookshelves and the dim lighting, Embiggens has a wonderfully inviting and earthy vibe.

14. Reader's Feast, Melbourne CBD / Via @janaeprytherch

Reader's Feast is housed in a beautiful long hall along the ~Paris end~ of Collins Street, with high ceilings and enormous glass windows. Reader's Feast is definitely for those who want a side of architectural bliss with their book purchases.

15. Dymocks Collins Street, Melbourne CBD / Via @jacquelinekate123

The Collins Street Dymocks is the flagship store for the Australian chain. With thousands upon thousands of titles, Dymocks is one spot in Melbourne no book lover can help but visit regularly. The store is overwhelming with paperbacks, hardbacks and all things stationery.

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