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13 Significant Disney Real Estate Listings

These spectacular properties are a dream come true for any prince, princess or beast/snow queen/lion king.

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13. The Queen's Castle (Snow White)

Walt Disney Pictures

Perched on a hillside overlooking a picturesque valley, this classic castle is one of the fairest of them all and features a bonus wishing well. And you know those floors are CLEAN!

12. Prince Eric's Castle (The Little Mermaid)

Walt Disney Pictures

This oceanfront property features a harbor for your yacht, towers and a gazebo in which to search wistfully for your true love.


11. King Stefan's Castle (Sleeping Beauty)

Walt Disney Pictures

A mid-century modern classic. Pros: this castle is situated on prime real estate and is ideal for hosting lavish parties. Cons: tall towers with no elevator and annoying neighbors.

9. The King's Castle (Cinderella)

Walt Disney Pictures

The clock in this fixer-upper is a nuisance, but wicked stepmothers and stepsisters seem to love the idea of living here, for some reason.

8. Cinderella Castle (IRL)


Once Cinderella moved in, the King's Castle recieved a major renovation, starting with new towers and a new color scheme. This IRL property is currently off the market, but worth a look.

7. Pride Rock (The Lion King)

Walt Disney Pictures

Technically not a castle, this royal residence features a spectacular natural setting abundant with wildlife. BONUS: The extensive property includes everything the light touches, except that shadowy place on its borders where you should never go!


6. Beast's Castle (Beauty and the Beast)

Walt Disney Pictures

Another fixer-upper ready for that magical touch, this hillside property is set in the midst of enchanting forests. Even though the West Wing is forbidden, there is a library with swamps of books.

4. The Sultan's Palace (Aladdin)

Walt Disney Pictures

Rule over a desert kingdom in this spectacular desert oasis. Live a life of ease with servants and valets to tell you where to go and how to dress.

3. Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Walt Disney Pictures

Live off the grid in this remote sanctuary. A fully sustainable ecosystem is host to many outdoor activities: climbing, fishing, flying, swimming and more!

2. Elsa's Ice Palace (Frozen)

Walt Disney Pictures

If the cold never bothered you, this is the place for you! A new construction, this castle is ready for the market, but lacks a kitchen, bathroom and furniture, so budget accordingly.

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