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12 Most Shocking Things You Lose As An Unpaid Intern (Besides Money)

While internship experience is pretty much a necessity in today’s job market, many employers are still offering unpaid internships. Even though many of these programs are great learning experiences, the question still remains: Is it worth it?

NathanParcells • 5 years ago

Internships 101: The All-In-One Guide To Being An Intern

First and foremost, congratulations on your internship...or at least the fact that you’re considering interning! You’ve clearly been thinking about your future and are interested in kicking your career off in the right direction.

NathanParcells • 5 years ago

Listen Up, Music Industry: Unpaid Internships Aren't Cool

It's no secret the music industry is getting a bad rep for unpaid, unbeneficial internships. With so much to learn and such a prime opportunity to gain experience in a competitive industry, there really is no reason for interns to go unpaid.

NathanParcells • 6 years ago