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The Night Before Christmas (In A Fulfillment Warehouse)

The classic holiday poem gets a 21st century remake.

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Shipping packages east, west and south.

Concrete floors polished to a marvelous sheen

A few days before his mother had placed two Amazon orders

He was a gamer; she was a cooking gadget hoarder

Now Christmas was just several hours away

And the mother was worried her gifts would be late

The last thing she wanted to do was tell him to wait

She nervously logged in to her Amazon portal

Hoping that the shipment wasn’t abnormal

What a relief when she saw the gifts were almost home

With a scheduled delivery the next afternoon

The mother yawned and glanced at the clock

She felt sleep calling to her, heavy as a rock

Before she went to bed, she stopped by her son’s room

(as well as a small puddle of drool)

She shut the door quietly and went to her bed

And fell asleep, visions of new presents dancing in her head.

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