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The Night Before Christmas (In A Fulfillment Warehouse)

The classic holiday poem gets a 21st century remake.

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Twas the night before Christmas

Desktop Nexus / Via

And all through the warehouse

Workers hustled and robots bustled

alakpakid / Via

Shipping packages east, west and south.

The warehouse was big, bright and clean

Concrete floors polished to a marvelous sheen

Aisles stacked with pallets, forklifts driving in between

Andres Nieto Porras / Via

Conveyor belts moving boxes -- an incredible scene!

How those conveyor belts belted!

How those forklifts lifted!

Meanwhile, a hundred miles away, a young boy dreamed

Takayuki Togawa / Via

Of playing with new toys, delivered by amazing machines.

A few days before his mother had placed two Amazon orders

He was a gamer; she was a cooking gadget hoarder

She bought the newest video game console for her son

Plus a KitchenAid stand mixer to make baking more fun

Box Life / Via Pinterest

Now Christmas was just several hours away

And the mother was worried her gifts would be late

(A bit of a problem, since her son was only eight)

Paula, Flickr / Via Pinterest

The last thing she wanted to do was tell him to wait

She nervously logged in to her Amazon portal

Hoping that the shipment wasn’t abnormal

What a relief when she saw the gifts were almost home

With a scheduled delivery the next afternoon

Via computerized drone!

Maria Starzyk, Flickr / Via Pinterest

The mother yawned and glanced at the clock

She felt sleep calling to her, heavy as a rock

Before she went to bed, she stopped by her son’s room

There was a smile on his face, dreaming of gifts coming soon

Sindy, Flickr / Via Pinterest

(as well as a small puddle of drool)

She shut the door quietly and went to her bed

And fell asleep, visions of new presents dancing in her head.

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