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7 Animated Movies That Will Make You A Better Human Being

These films offer simple ideas for living a better life.

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1. How To Train Your Dragon, Dreamworks, 2010

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Since forever, "good" and "evil" have frequently been used to describe the participants in war. A movie like How To Train Your Dragon is a great reminder that our leaders--and society in general--make us fear our enemies when in truth, they probably are just as afraid of us.

5. Toy Story 3, Disney Pixar, 2010

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Even when it seems like their owner Andy has left him and the rest of the toys in the treacherous hands of screaming toddlers, Woody refuses to disavow his friend, and his loyalty is rewarded in the end.

6. Metegol (Underdogs), Universal Pictures, 2013

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This novel Argentinian film about foosbal (or metegol, as it's known in Argentina) players come to life with your standard sports film trope of teamwork and togetherness. But Amadeo, the protagonist, stands up for himself against a longtime childhood bully.

In case your español isn't very good, a US release in English is coming out this year, featuring Rupert Grint as the voice of Amadeo.

7. Brave, Disney Pixar, 2012

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Merida's fiery temper causes several major lapses in judgment, and her mother nearly dies because of it (although you can't blame her for deciding that she's not ready for marriage). Perhaps the most important moral of the story is that even if you mess up big time, you might still find redemption.

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